Wellness is NOT just for the Wealthy

We can all achieve a level of health and wellness if we choose to see the value of taking control our health and well-being.  Most people underestimate the importance of investing in their emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.  

However, when you invest in your wellness you will see exponential growth in every area of your life.  Here are 7 things you can do today that cost little to no money.

1.  Educate Yourself

You can learn anything that you want to.  Start by going to the library.  Walk through the personal development section and pick up a book on an area that you want to grow in. Currently, I'm working on discipline, so I have several books that I reading.  You can also listen to audio books, podcast and use Google to teach yourself anything you want to learn.  NEVER STOP LEARNING.

2. Exercise

This does not require a gym membership.  You can exercise anywhere and at just about anytime.  Rather than exercising, think about incorporating more movement into your life.  Simply start by reducing the amount of time you spend sitting each day.  

3. Enjoy Nature

Being in nature has a calming effect on our mood.  It's important to remember that we are just one part of an incredible ecosystem and we are surrounded by beauty.  However, when all we see is concrete we forget that we are just a small part of an incredible world.  Take your shoes off, walk in the grass, look at the plants, sit by the water, listen to the birds and enjoy God's creation.

4. Eat Well

So much of our food does not contain any nutritional value.  We have to be intentional about eating food in it's most natural form.  Research new discoveries in food to address physical and emotional wellness.  For example, research how incorporating probiotics can help your mood.  Read about new foods like chia seeds, moringa, goji berries, etc.

5. Mindfulness and Meditation

This is a practice that has tremendous benefits in improving your emotional and mental wellness.  Mindfulness is simply the act of being in the here and now.  This is a powerful concept because many of us live in the past or in the future, but all we have is today.  So take time each day to be present.

6. Create a Sacred Space

Do you have a space that helps you to be calm and relax?  I believe that our homes should be a calm and relaxing environment.  When our space is cluttered and disorganized this can often be a manifestation of what is happening internally.  Therefore, identify a space in your home that is your sacred space.  Clean the space, make it comfortable and use it for prayer and meditation. 

7. Spirituality and Rest

Rest is a divine concept because it is a gift.  As human beings, we must rest and take time to connect with our inner self.  This is an important discipline that we cannot ignore or undervalue.