5 Tips To Get Over Your Monday Morning Blues

Here are 5 tips for getting over your Monday Morning Blues

1) Give to yourself first before you give to your boss

When you wake up, make sure that you spend time investing in your dreams and that you do something connected to your purpose.

2) Write down 3 things that you are grateful for each morning

Reflecting on the things you are grateful for each day can improve your emotional well-being.  

3) Visualize the life you want

Things may be challenging now, but it can change in a moment.  So start visualizing the life you want now. It's free to dream and it's a necessary part of creating your future.

4) Spend your lunch break in nature

Spending time in nature helps you put things in perspective.  Look up at the sky, look at the flowers and trees, notice what is happening around you.

5) Give to someone else

Find a way to give something to someone else in need.  It could be a card, cup of coffee, a dollar, your time, etc.  Plan ahead to give something away.

Share some tips that help you to give over the Monday blues.


Happy Monday!