“A deeper understanding of God's love.”

The Radical Self Love class gave me a deeper understanding of God's love for me. It allowed me to see how, even as a "mature" Christian, I was allowing past life experiences to distort my understanding of God's love. And the class gave me the tools to overcome those obstacles and deepen my self love. Nichola provided a safe place where I could express myself (fears, desires, long-suppressed dreams, "crazy thoughts", everything!) without judgment or criticism.


Radical Self-Love Attendee

“The small class size was ideal.”

It fostered intimate conversation and gave everyone a chance to participate. The workshop materials were fantastic. Well laid out. Packed with relevant Scriptures and thought-provoking questions!  The material reflected Nichola's deep commitment to living one's life according to biblical standards plus her effective skills as a therapist.


Radical Self-Love Attendee

Ms Brown's "Self Love" class was just what I needed. After following the American Dream of two decades in school for that corporate job with the 80 hour work week, I'm used to sacrificing for a future payoff. Ms Brown's reminder that self love and self care are different things reminded me that putting things off isn't always the best idea. Letting my life be consumed by things or a job can lead to heart ache in the long run. I was reminded that discovering my passion is important and part of the process of loving myself. I would recommend this class to anyone who feels like life is running past you and getting stale. 

Radical Self-Love Attendee

God definitely has done a good work in my life through the time I spent with you and through the past year. 

I just wanted to write you quickly to thank you. I am going through some old journal writings from when we worked together last year, and I am filled with gratitude and perspective. Thinking back to where I was this time last year, I am so grateful for the help that you gave me and the work that we did together, and that God helped me find my way to you in a time of confusion and despair. I can’t believe a whole year has passed, but God definitely has done a good work in my life through the time I spent with you and through the past year. I’m actually heading on mission in a month to do missionary and service work for two years (hence all of the reflecting). I’m still not perfect, but thanks to the work that I did with you, I’m getting better at resting in and accepting God’s love and mercy for me. So thank you, and I hope you are well and that your practice and ministry are thriving. You are definitely in my prayers. God is definitely doing a good work through you.

Client Testimonial